Historia 20-lecia międzywojennego na Górnym ¦l±sku


Jadwiga Kocur

She made her debut with a programme EXPLORING SPACE realized for TVP Katowice channel since 2003. She also cooperated with Discovery Chanel in three episodes of their documentary film EXTREME ENGINEERING which presented how the largest roof in the world - the Golden Terraces in Warsaw were built.

Barbara Luczak

She cooperated with the Educational Film Studio in Lodz as a camerawoman. She is also a TV producer first in TVP Lodz and later in TVP Katowice channel. The lecturer in the Faculty of Radio and Television at the Silesian University.

Leszek Ptaszynski

The producer of dramas and music shows in the Polish Television Channels 1 and 2. Cooperating with TVP Katowice channel.

Mieczyslaw Herba

The cameraman in TVP Katowice channel. The cinematographer in several documentaries. The winner of Golden Dragon Award at the International Cracow Film Festival for cinematography in the film Rat Catcher, 1985 (director: A. Czernecki). The co-author of Weather for tommorow (director: J. Stuhr)

Miroslaw Kesiak

The editor cooperating with TVP Katowice channel. Other productions: On two man who did not steal anything (director: Ł. Wylezalek), Polish Scrounger (director: Ł. Wylezalek)

Artur Rojek

The author of music, the frontman of Myslovitz.


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